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Insurance Auditors Association of the West


The Insurance Auditors Association of the West (IAAW) was founded to achieve more professional insurance premium auditors through education. We are here to provide resources for commercial insurance auditors within our region.

The IAAW is committed to the growth, development, professionalism and education of the insurance premium auditor and the insurance industry.

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Who are insurance premium auditors?

Insurance premium auditors perform an examination of an insured's accounting records and business operations to determine the actual insurance exposure. Their report, called the field audit, explains the proper class codes for the coverage provided and details the actual exposure.. The primary reason for an insurance audit is to obtain the necessary information to compute the actual earned premium for the policy year. Other reasons for premium auditing include, collecting ratemaking data, meeting regulatory requirements and deterring and detecting fraud.


Send membership information and payment (dues) to:

Shumail Alam, IAAW Treasurer
c/o Zurich- Northwest Region
525 Market Street, Suite 2800
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415-538-7449
Mobile: 415-470-3249
Fax: 1-877-211-7062

Your Membership to the IAAW includes:

  • Scholarship Program for APA - CPCU. All members of the I.A.A.W. are eligible. The only requirements are:
    1. That you sit for the examination (as many times as it takes to pass).
    2. You have not been reimbursed by any other entity.
    3. You submit receipts and proof of sitting for the examination.
  • Assistance on meeting topics and payment for meeting speakers.
  • Assistance in organizing programs.
  • Annual Meeting - educational and topical seminars for premium auditors.
  • A chance to meet with and gain knowledge from peers in the industry.
  • Annual Auditor of the year award
  • Annual Dana Sparrow award.

You will also receive encouragement, support and recognition from the I.A.A.W.

By taking part in your local organization, you enrich your managerial skills; achieve experience in obtaining speakers and organizing programs.

Goals for the IAAW are:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange, development, and dissemination of technical information.
  • Promote the growth and development of the profession.
  • Contribute to the insurance industry the knowledge and experience of the professional premium auditor.
  • Establish uniform standards for premium auditing.
  • Further the purpose and objectives of the profession.


IAAW presents two awards annually. The Dana Sparrow Award and the Auditor of the Year Award. These awards are bestowed to members of the IAAW, for outstanding service, dedication and contribution to the education, professionalism, and betterment of the insurance premium auditor and IAAW.

Dana Sparrow Award

The Dana Sparrow Award is the highest award the I.A.A.W. can bestow upon one of our members. This person has supported the I.A.A.W. through contributions of their talents in leadership, education and professionalism. They have given of their time and talents through out the years. Over a 12 month period, there is administrative duties, meetings, articles for the Newsbreak, to mention a few. The Dana Sparrow award is a small way of saying thank you for a big job.

Auditor of The Year Award

The Auditor of The Year Award is not for performing excellent audits. This award is to recognize an individual for their contributions in promoting professionalism and education for the profession of insurance premium auditors. This may be done by teaching a class, helping individuals or presenting work shops for local, regional or national audit associations, to mention just a few.

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Annual Seminar

CIAMA would like to invite you all to the 2016 Annual IAAW Seminar being held in the historic Sentinel Hotel (Formerly The Governor) in Portland, OR from June 26th-28th. Please click the link to the right to view the registration packet with all seminar information, along with registration information to reserve a spot for this great event for the Premium Audit and Insurance Industry. The packet also includes booking information as well as all transportation info.


Click here to download a PDF of the registration packet.

General Sessions

Prevailing Wage
Susan Wooley
The Legalization of Marijuana (Panel Discussion)
Panel members:
  • Darrian Stanford Attorney, Shop Owner
  • Will Higlin, OLCC
  • Jessica Epley, NCCI
NCCI Underwriting Committee News, Current and Future
Dennis Kokulak, Underwriting Product Manager, NCCI
Retirement Living Centers
Bret Cope, Manager, Touchmark Living Centers
Let's Talk-Changes in Our Industry
Fred Lowry, Jr., Owner, Lowry & Associates
WCIRB-Emerging Issues
TBA, Educational Coordinator, Worker’s Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, State of California

Break Out Sessions

  • Not Your Parent's Tool Kit: Tips and Tricks for the Busy Auditor - Dave Heironimus
  • Quick Books, The Latest & Excel Inquiries - Jack Goldberg
  • USL&H - Rebecca Clemons
  • Introduction to General Liability - Alicia Mannetter, John Morre, Tanya Cuellar

Keynote Speaker

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        To email an officer, click on his or her name.

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    SAIF Corporation

    971-242-5524 (direct)

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    1st Vice President

    US Reports

    970-593-9888 ext. 2617

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    2nd Vice President


    888-353-8802 ext. 7294

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    Catlin Insurance

    (480) 755-6750

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    Zurich American Insurance


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    Executive Advisor

    Overland Solutions

    1-800-477-9597 ext. 34033

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    Past President

    Professional Casualty Services (PCS)

    714-521-1000 ext. 110

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    NSIPA Regional VP

    Lowry & Associates, Inc.

    800-279- 1437

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Insurance Auditors Association of the West Bylaws

As Amended April 10, 2005

Section 1. The by-laws may be amended by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the governing board.

Section 2. The fiscal year of the Association will be from June 1 to May 31.

Section 3. Additional chapters may join the IAAW by making formal application to the Governing Board and agreeing to abide by the rules of the Association. Upon approval of the Governing Board, they are accepted.

  • Section 3a. An individual may become a member-at-large by paying their dues directly to the IAAW treasurer and agreeing to abide by the rules of the Association.
  • Section 3b. Individuals who have retired from the field of premium auditing may belong to the association with emeritus status.

Section 4. The annual dues for each member, or member-at-large, shall be set by the Governing Board. The dues are payable on July 1 and delinquent on November 1.

Section 5. No individual chapter or member-at-large, shall have voting rights if current dues are delinquent.

Section 6. The Governing Board shall determine the time and place of any regular meeting. The secretary of the IAAW shall advise the attendees at least 30 days prior to the meeting. Mid-term board meetings are to be held at the location of the upcoming annual meeting, with the executive officers attending the local chapter meeting.

Section 7. The members of the Governing Board shall consist of one representative from each member chapter and the current officers of the IAAW. Appointed positions of the Executive Board are non-voting positions.

Section 8. The Governing Board shall meet at least once a year. A quorum of three-fourths (3/4) of the board members shall exist in order for business to be conducted.

Section 9. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate past president, and the positions appointed by the president. The executive board will meet twice a year, mid-term and at the annual meeting. The Executive Board shall have oversight approval authority for the Annual Meeting agenda.

Section 10. The officers of the association shall be elected at the general meeting. The nominating committee shall submit a list of nominees for each office. Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor.
The Executive Board Advisor shall be appointed annually by the president.
The Historian shall be appointed annually by the president.
The NSIPA Liaison shall be appointed annually by the president.

Section 11. Not more than two representatives from any one chapter may serve as elected positions on the executive board. Only the secretary and/or treasurer may hold their office for succeeding terms.

Section 12. The duties of the officers:

  • The president shall preside over all regular meetings and shall serve as chairperson of the Governing Board and as ex-officio member on all committees. The president must sign the signature card for the I.A.A. W. checking account.
  • The first vice-president shall serve as president in the absence of the president. The first vice president shall be responsible for the awards presented by the IAAW. This includes obtaining the lists of designation recipients and coordinating the acquisition of the necessary recognition awards, coordinating the acquisition of the Dana Sparrow and Auditor-of-the-year awards.
  • The first vice-president will also direct development and maintenance of the website.
  • The second vice-president shall be responsible for the publication of the newsletter.
  • The secretary shall be responsible for producing minutes of all board meetings and maintaining all correspondence, minutes, By-Laws, and other records and reports demanded of the office.
  • The treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt, billing, and disbursement of all monies of the association. A detailed report of the financial transactions shall be submitted at the mid-term and annual board meetings. The treasurer will maintain a current membership roster including mailing and e-mail addresses. The treasurer shall also obtain a financial report of the annual seminar from the host chapter and report on same at the I.A.A.W. Board Meeting.

Section 13. All funds received by the association shall be deposited in a bank approved by the governing board. Both the president and the treasurer will be authorized to sign on the account. The treasurer and the president shall each be bonded for $5,000 and jointly responsible for all checks issued. An audit of the treasurer's books shall be made each year at the expiration of association's fiscal year. Such audit shall be preformed by two members of the association, excluding any elected officer.

Section 14. In the event of termination of any officer in mid-term, the executive board will appoint a replacement for that office.

Section 15. The nominating committee shall be appointed by the president. It will consist of three past presidents with the most recent as chairman. If past presidents are not available the president may appoint members in their place.

Section 16. Other committees may be appointed by the governing board. The president may make special appointments with the approval of the executive board.

Section 17.

Executive Board Expense Reimbursements:
The Association shall reimburse the necessary expenses of any Executive Board Member to the extent that the member's company does not provide him/her with reimbursement of the necessary cost of attending the required meetings as set forth in these by-laws. Necessary expenses are limited to registration fees of the annual meeting, the cost of lodging necessary to attend the annual meeting and one night's lodging for the mid-term meeting; and reasonable and necessary transportation to and from the meeting.

Section 18. The Association newsletter shall be published no less than three times per year.

Section 19. The Association shall provide a scholarship fund available for paid members to use in the pursuit of the Associate in Premium Auditing (APA) and Certified Insurance Premium Auditor (CIPA) designations. Reimbursements will be made after one sits for an exam. Passing is not a requirement. Funds are available for books, tuition and exam fees.

Section 20. The Historian shall attend the Annual Meetings for the purpose of creating an archive of and for the Association. The Historian shall be charged with maintaining two books. One is to be a photo journal of IAAW events; the other is to be a collection of Association publications. The historian will be issued a camera. The archives are to be on display at each IAAW Annual Meeting.

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